Sunday, 1 June 2014

Meet the Teacher: 10 Fun Things About Me!

#1  I am married to my BEST FRIEND.   I live with him, have married him, have worked with him  (we are both teachers) and even shared a classroom with him last year :-)   WHy not do everything with my best friend and soul mate.
#2  We are exepcting out first child in October.  I am 19 weeks - so almost halfway to meeting out Baby :-)
# 3, 4, 5  My Three Favorite Movies of ALL time are:
Life is beautiful (La vita é bella) -a heartwarming war story makes for an unusual but beautiful combination.
Coach Carter -  basketball movie about teaching student athletes - and the important life lesson of being students first and athletes second
Stepmom - a parenting movie that has helped me prepare to become a mum for the first time.  It explores the many different roles mothers can play.  You can be a mother and still be you.
#6,7,8  Music!  I LOVE Music!  
My three favorite songs are:
Let it be - reminds me to go with the flow and let life happen
The Rose - the song played for our wedding ceremony
Have a little faith from Benny and Joon movie - we danced to at our wedding reception.
#9  I am amazed at my Teachers pay Teachers journey already.  I have only been a premium seller starting our on my own journey as a teacher/ online seller.  I have been amazed at the positive feedback, variety of buyers and even the number of repeat buyers back to my store.  I am enjoying trying my first blog to interact more with fellow teachers and I have grown in
  the diversity and depth of resources I make over time.
#10  I love reflecting on my journey with my best friend: met a local boy in the town where I landed my first teaching job.  We met, fell in love and got engaged within 3 years, married 18 months later, and are expecting a baby just after our 3nd wedding anniversary.  Within that time, we have bought a house, redone the kitchen and bathroom and added a basketball half court in the backyard.  Next, on our list is selling stuff we no longer need, readying the nursery and counting down until Baby arrives.  I wonder how the next chapter of our lives together will unfold.

If you are a fellow teacher, please comment if you care to share about you ;-)


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