Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Donations to my charity of choice

I decided to donate a portion of my TpT sales to a charity close to my heart.  My husband is a patient of Ulcerative Colitis.  So, together we are promoting awareness is our town for patients of both Crohn's & Colitis.  In Australia alone, there are 75,000 patients diagnosed.

Please visit for fundraising journey and consider making a small donation.  Every little bit makes a huge difference in the lives of CCA patients.

Cheers from,

My new best selling teacher's resource :-)

My new best selling teacher's resource :-)
Please visit my store to check it out

This started out as a one page 1-100 chart for English speakers to learn their French numbers.  Over time, I have amended this resource.  Thanks to comments from my buyers and followers, I have fixed an oversight in proof reading.  I really appreciate any proof reading errors.  I know I spot them easily in other people's work.  I have also made this same resource available in a variety of versions to suit all teachers. After reflection, I decided to include variations differing in:
  • colour and black/white (for ease of photocopying vs colours to help determine tens in columns)
  • with and without numberals (to simplify and challenge students along their learning journey)
  • with and without colour coding (to enhance student awareness of number word patterns i.e. thirteen in many languages is made up of a combination of three and ten in some for or other.
I am now in the process of making these amendments to my 1-30-100 charts to improve my product quality.  Eventually, I will have this updated across my store for each language:
Italian, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

Welcome to my teaching blog!

Hello Fellow Teachers,

First, I would like to introduce myself.  I am a 30 year old teacher from Australia.  I teach Italian at primary school level.   I have enjoyed my first year as a TpT buyer and seller.  I am amazed at the interest already in my first products online.  As I am coming up to my 100th sale,  I feel it is now time to venture into the social networking side of blogging, facebook and Pinterest too! Perhaps you will find it useful and even interesting to follow my journey as a newbie to social networking :-)

I have decided to take the plunge to start a blog for my TPT friends.

I live with my husband and two dogs.  Charlie is a toy chocolate brown poodle.  Jody is an Alaskan Malamute/Siberian husky.  They make the canine odd couple.  Charlie and my husband James joined Jody and I last year when we FINALLY got married on July 7th 2013.  The neighbours think it very strange that I walk the husky, while walks the poodle.  On our family dog walks, people often comment "Walk your own dog!".  Little do they know that his dog is the little poodle prancing along on a skipping rope and I have the big FLUFFY dog on a long rope leash - often pulling ahead to set the pace. My husband assures me you have to MANLY to be able to own a poodle :-)

If you want, have a look around at my products for Italian and French language learners:  Italienfrancese Store  I am gradually adding other language versions over time: so far there is Italian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Cheers from,