Monday, 25 November 2013

Italian illustrated dictionary on sports and games UPDATED

I have also updated the sports and games dictionary for students to illustrate.  There is colour coding for gender and a version of white for easy photopying and yellow for a splash of colour as you like.  Students can extend their learning by researching the gender of e ending words and then illustrate to finish the task.

ITALIAN Illustrated Dictionary - Sports and Games UPDATED
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Italian roleplay on introductions UPDATED

I have also updated one of the classroom roleplays. This is an introduction to a classmate.  Word lists include: pets, school subjects, birthday, name and feelings.

ITALIAN dialogue roleplay - introductions UPDATED

This product has been updated with:
clearer formating
colour coded Italian words (green=verb blue = masc red= fem)
colour and black and white versions as you need.

Also, vocabulary insert sheets to challenge students to extend their own vocabulary.

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As always, please send any feedback so I can make these high quality learning resources in my classroom and yours

Spanish 100 chart UPDATED

I finally found a moment to update the Spanish 1-100 charts in full colour for eye catching presentation and colour coding units and tens for beginners.
 Numbers SPANISH 100 chart UPDATED
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As always, I invite feedback from my teacher colleagues to help improve my own teaching :-)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Multiplication and Division TpT resource

Just finished a new math resource for timestables.  I have used this idea in my classroom already.  I love it because
  • it challenges number facts recall
  • has a visual timetable showing counting on
  • matches math facts to real word contexts such as days in a week or cans of drink in a six pack
As I become more experienced on TPT, I add more detail to my product checklist:
  • colour and photocopiable in black and white
  • includes an answer sheet
  • locked to PDF
  • included watermark of preview
  • took screen shots of exactly which pages I want to best present my product
  • write a short product description to catch the buyer's interest and explain product quality in answer to most buyer questions
Please visit 2 to 12 timestable charts and quiz in PDF for more information :-)
As always, I invite feedback from my teacher colleagues to help improve my own teaching :-)