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Hello from Australia,

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I really like your fresh game-style approach to revising letters and numbers in the languages classroom.

I like to use my translation of The Alphabet Song in Italian to revise letter names for spelling.
See my link: if you would like more info on this TpT product.

For a FREE fun numbers activity, I challenge the students to say their phone number and record the phone numbers of students said aloud.  Phone numbers are very challenging catch as the speaker says a number they know well - but faster than the listener may be ready for.  You can use the hundred charts as a reference guide for beginners. A compatible product to check out is:

For FREE teaching ideas for the languages classroom see my blog:

All TpT sales in May are donated to Crohn's & Colitis Australia for awareness month.  Dollars help support my husband and other patients and their families to make every day more liveable.  For more info on this charity, see:


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