Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Australian Winter 2014 Bucket List

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Top Ten Things I Want to Do This Winter

Hello from Australia,

Ten Things I Want to do THIS winter {in no particular order}

1.  I want to read a few books that have nothing to do with teaching.  I love reading Jodi Picoult, but I am also interested in parenting books with our baby due in October.  At 19 weeks, we are almost halfway :-)        
2.   I want to spend some time just hanging with our fur babies:  Charlie (toy poodle) and Jody (Malmute X Husky).  They are loyal companions, but I am not sure how they will feel when Baby arrives.

3.  I want to spend time with my niece as the arrival of her new cousin approaches.  At ten years old, she is so excited to be included in making a fuss of the new baby.
4.  Spend time in our July trip to Adelaide (4 hours by car) to see my parents and sister's family.
5.  I need to keep on top of the baby stuff we have already bought, and what we still need.  We have just been amazed at the generosity of friends and family already.  And I haven't even thought about having a baby shower yet!
6.  I want and {need} to spend ome quality time with my Mum in Adelaide.  It is great to share your pregnancy with your Mum after years of hearing about her two premature babies back in the 1980s.
7.  I really want to spend time with my hubby shopping in Adelaide for baby stuff (he loves shopping, the opposite of me), looking forward to the June long weekend together and maybe evening going to the Drive In for a date before 2 become 3 :-)
8.  I m enjoying episodes of The Voice.  I never saw it in Season One.  Better late than never to start watching in Season Three (Australian).

9.  My husband and I are both teachers and are both keen fans of The Big Bang Theory.  

Between watching this and now Derren Brown's performances on TV and recordings live in the theatre, we will have a serious amount of TV watching to do :-)

10.  Next month, we have our 20 week scan to meet Baby again.  Husband has been prioritising the music to introduce to baby: from Blink 182 to John Mayer to Jack Black and many more.

  We are both enjoying every little milestone, counting down until we can meet Baby soon.

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