Sunday, 1 June 2014

June Currently

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listening: to our chocolate poodle snooze contentedly on the couch
 loving: loving watching live shows in the evenings on iTunes from our cosy home with my hubby
thinking: what can I do to prepare more TpT products for end of year and back to school seasons
wanting: to see my Mum for her birthday - next Adelaide trip will be in July
needing: to pace myself for time and energy - enjoying the pregnancy highs and taking the lows in my stride (where possible)
winter bucket list: prepare nursery, and support my husband as the bread winner in our family

listening: Charlie the poodle is not thrilled that in each trimester my lap is shrinking
 loving:we are enjoying comedy like Wayne Brady and performers like Darren Brown.  A perk for modern times when we live in 5 hours from metropolitan Adelaide
thinking: will fine tune end of year reflective TpT products and brainstorming tasks for Back to School, as well as some teacher organisation products for the new year
needing: needing my pedometer in a new way - used to try to beat my personal best of 10,000 steps daily or more, now pace myself and rest at 10,000 steps to take the best care I can of our growing baby
winter bucket list: looking for the cot and baby capsule soon in our nursery preparations and enjoying visiting my husband at his school in his lunch break to help with classroom tasks and lighten his task load a little.  It was nice to share a classroom last year, helps me know better what he needs in his busy year 3/4 classroom.


  1. Ah... You guys must be in Australia, right? Enjoy the final stages of your pregnancies and all the best for happy healthy babies.
    Lisa from Canada
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. Awww have fun preparing your nursery!!! How fun! Enjoy your summer.

    :) Jayme
    Trendy in Third

  3. Love your blog. :) Very colourful and congrats :) I also wanted to share this new website with you: Created by Teachers, Exclusively for Teachers