Monday, 21 July 2014

July Currently

I have been listening to the sound of my hubby painting with a roller in our baby's nursery.  Baby is due in October :-)  Our poodle thinks it is the best lullaby and nods off in front of the heater in the lounge to this gentle, repetitive sound.

I am loving and celebrating every sale in the slower months while much of the Northern Hemisphere is still on summer break.  I am home on maternity leave and my hubby has his first day back teaching year 3/4 students after our two week winter break in Australia.

I am thinking it is chilly in our Australian winter (while not snowy like other countries), but I am enjoying a different winter with "central heating" from growing our bundle of joy.  My husband is usually warm and I am usually frozen.  We even swap ends of the couch depending on the season:  I sit near the heater in winter and he sits near the air conditioner in summer with me snuggled under a blanket.  What a change this winter!

I am wanting to enjoy every day of my pregnancy because of the gift at the end.  I am feeling better this month, but still have a few days where morning sickness arrives morning, noon or night. After a more challenging day yesterday, today should be much better!

I am needing to challenge myself with the newest language released in beta in Duolingo: Dutch.  I try to rotate through each language:  It helps me switch gears (thought patterns).  I like to strengthen any words under practised and build my XP until I level up in that language.  When I earn enough Lingots to try a language test at my new level.  I love the accessibility of this volunteer supported software where anyone can learn a language and anyone can help translate the web one article at a time.

Our holiday plans have been jam packed: two weeks off teaching for hubby meant our usual trip to Adelaide to see specialists and have his regular procedure and back home in the second week in renovate our office into baby's nursery.  It went well that hubby's health has stabilised enough for 3 monthly trips are now 6 monthly (if there are no complications).  So, our usual trips in April, July, October and December are not as critical.  We have our fingers crossed that if baby arrives on time in October, hubby will be feeling well or he will be in Adelaide for specialists again, when baby and I are in our hospital back home.  We learnt the heard way that even with good hospital and extras cover, pregnancy and birth will not be covered on our private health insurance because there is a 12 month waiting list.  Pity that you only have 9 month notice of your bundle of joy.

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A belated Happy July the 4th to my TpT friends in the USA :-)

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