Tuesday, 25 February 2014

4 song bundle of kids' songs in Italian .pdf - with download updates for LIFE

Product features:
• One page, per song verse - colour coded for tense and pronoun to teach student to recognise and use patterns
• Songs included:
• He’s got the whole world in his hands* (action song) 3 verses and bonus slide • If you are happy and you know it* (to teach emotions and body parts) 4 verses and bonus slide
• The Alphabet (to teach letters, sounds and spelling) 1 slide
• The Hokey Pokey* (to teach body parts) 2 verses and bonus slide
* extra slide for song as cloze for students to create own extra verse

Teaching ideas:
• classroom display
• slideshow on interactive whiteboard
• print for student reference
• print for students to write own verses

Student activities:
• student reference sheet
• print in black and white for students to highlight irregular verb forms
• print in black and white for students to highlight patterns across pronouns ie. suffix endings for pronoun voi across –ERE verbs.

Suggestions for use:
• student copy for reference/ teacher use as display or demonstration
• print, laminate or print on magnetic paper for whiteboard use
• A4 or A3 – check printer settings before printing

Made by Italienfrancese 2014

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A big THANKYOU to my buyers.
I would really appreciate any feedback about your experience with this resource. Just a simple one sentence comment even would be GREAT:-)
• Is it what you were looking for?
• What worked well with your students?
• Can anything be improved for future users?

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