Thursday, 9 January 2014

LOTE activities for newspaper reading and comprehension example in Italian

Product features:
• 19 pages of activities with sample news articles in Italian
• Please note: news articles are sourced from the Internet as an example text. Students can use colour coded version or blank and white version to colour code themselves.

Product includes
• Read and translate
• Read and colour code (red=fem, blue=masc. and green=verb)
• Response questions (who what where when and how)
• Make a themed word search
• Make a timeline of events (years 1900-2000 and blank versions)
• Make a looks like, sounds like ands feels like response chart
• Make 2 columns i.e. point of view of local residents vs. migrants
• Make 3 columns (when more groups are needed)

Extensions activities ask students to:
• write from short notes into full sentences
• create a word find that also uses backwards and diagonal directions
• write out timeline events from short notes into full sentences
• compare 3 or more perspectives for each group's point of view in the news article

Articles on topics such as:
• hostels
• Christmas
• food
• prices
• weather
• mobile telephones

Suggestions for use:
• student copy for reference/ teacher use as display or demonstration
• print, laminate or print on magnetic paper for whiteboard use
• A4 or A3 – check printer settings before printing

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